Idaho Modern

Idaho Modern is an advocacy committee of Preservation Idaho. Its goals include planning tours, exhibitions and lectures, researching buildings, and serving as an advocate for Modern design. The group’s leadership, called the Mod Squad, meets monthly to plan educational events such as tours, exhibitions and lectures; research landmarks; organize field trips; and serve as advocates for Modern design.

the mod squad meets on the third thursday of every month at 5:30pm. visit our calendar for more info.

Idaho Modern was founded in 2010 to promote the appreciation and awareness of mid-century, modernist, and recent past architecture and design in Idaho through education and advocacy. Created by an obvious need for Idaho to study, survey, and save its modern architectural and design jewels, Idaho Modern’s focus is on educating the public on this important facet in art and architectural history, particularly art, architecture, and design from the 1950s through the 1970s. Idaho experienced a building boom during that period and has significant art and architectural gems, as well as many living architects and designers who contributed to our landscape. Lately, Idaho has lost several important mid-century modern buildings, largely due to a lack of public education and awareness of their value.

Across the state of Idaho, individual landmarks, significant landscapes, and historic districts are threatened by neglect, development, inappropriate alterations, and a lack of knowledge about the importance of historic places. Idaho Modern works to answer these threats to our mid-century jewels through advocacy and education, but we cannot do it alone. If you know of a threatened modern site, structure, landscape, or landmark with historic, archaeological, or architectural significance, please contact us at We need your help to protect the places that makes Idaho unique!

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Idaho Modern Field Guide

The first edition of the Idaho Modern Field Guide is the Boise edition, it was funded by a grant from the City of Boise Arts and History Department. The purpose of the guide is to inform and educate home owners, realtors, and the general public on the care and keeping of Mid-Century Era homes. 

Are you a realtor, designer, enthusiast or historian?

Wanna get your hands on a copy of our guide? 

photo of Art Troutner's Lake Falls Lodge courtesy of D. Nels Reese

photo of Art Troutner's Lake Falls Lodge courtesy of D. Nels Reese

past Events

Idaho Modern has hosted several events highlighting mid-century modern architecture in Idaho, or related events. Below is a synopsis of some of the events we have offered.

2018 - Preservation Idaho Gala at Teater’s Knoll

2017 - Modern Masters - The Eames House

2016 - Modern Masters - Teater’s Knoll

2015 - Modern Masters - Intermountain Gas

2014 - Toasting Troutner

2014 - Modern Masters - Arthur Troutner

2013 - Modern Masters - Ernest Lombard

2012 - Modern Mountain Home Bus Tour

2012 - Modern Masters - Charles Hummel

2008 - Modernism in the Northwest Symposium * pre Idaho Modern