School Programs

Idaho TIME capsule

4th Grade Social Studies

The Idaho Time Capsule is a comprehensive teaching kit designed to support the 4th grade social studies curriculum by providing students and teachers with activities that help connect Idaho history to buildings that architecture of significance in Idaho. The kits contain:

  • Lesson plans
  • Related community-engagement projects
  • References and how-to's 
  • Farm-game
  • Time-line
  • Transparency Book Map
  • Geometry in Architecture

Idaho students will be encouraged to discover the unique history in their own communities using the Bown House as their guide and to make a difference in their community. In addition, students will identify the many common bonds in the history of Idaho and build appreciation of the connections between our communities.

Idaho architecture project

Jr. High & High school

The Idaho Architecture Project is an online catalog of historic properties contributed by students and community members throughout the state. The goal of the project is to raise awareness about the value of these buildings and the stories they tell, while educating the public about the importance of preservation in maintaining Idaho’s cultural heritage. PI works with teachers throughout the state to incorporate the IAP into their curriculum. Students will:

  • Learn how to research Idaho's historic buildings
  • Better understand U.S. history by connecting events to significant architecture in Idaho 
  • Gain oral history interviewing techniques and project management skills
  • Document buildings of interest by developing historic narratives and capturing digital images 

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