Surprising Ways You Can Give to Preservation Idaho Through Your Everyday Purchases!

Did you know that companies like Amazon and Fred Meyer make it easy to support nonprofits through all of your purchases? These companies donate directly to the nonprofit of your choice every time you make a purchase with them, with no extra cost to you!

We invite you to support Preservation Idaho through your everyday purchases by adding our name to your accounts. With this additional support, you will be helping us in our efforts to preserve Idaho’s heritage through buildings and landscapes, educate the next generation on Idaho’s vast history, support community growth, and build community-centered programs.

Here’s how you can help!

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer allows you to link your rewards card up with nonprofits with no added cost. And you continue to get all your regular rewards! Each quarter, Fred Meyer will make a donation to each nonprofit based on the accumulated spending of the rewards customers linked to it.

To link your Rewards Card to Preservation Idaho, you will need this PIN number: PW933

For more on Fred Meyers community rewards, click here.


Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is its own website, operated by Amazon, that looks and works exactly like Amazon. The difference? Amazon Smile is a foundation that donates 0.5% of purchases to the nonprofit of your choice! All the products cost the same as normal and there are no additional charges to you.

All you have to do is go to Amazon Smile, make sure your regular account is signed in and choose Preservation Idaho as your non-profit of choice. After that, make sure that you go to every time you visit amazon, and your purchases will go a long way in supporting us.

For more on Amazon Smile, click here.



Other companies like Starbucks, Chevron, and Best Buy donate to nonprofits when their employees volunteer! They use a formula to match a donation based on the volunteer hours of their current or past employee. Ask your employer if they participate and find out how you can volunteer with Preservation Idaho.

Thank you for your love and continued support of nonprofits!

And remember Preservation Idaho on Tuesday, November 27th for #GivingTuesday! Donations can be made online through the Facebook donate button, at, or by mail at PO Box 1495, Boise, ID. 83701