Conservation Districts: How they can save neighborhoods!

It can be a challenge to create a new Local Historic District in Boise and across the state, however, the use of Conservation Districts is on the rise.  They are easier to implement, if neighbors are willing to support them, and they can help protect what gets built in the case of remodel or demolition.  This can be a big step in maintaining the existing architectural style of a neighborhood.  Conservation Districts can help to prevent remodels, infills, or new builds that do not sync with the style of historic neighborhoods that have no protection except what is in the city building code while allowing homeowners to update/modify their properties.

Read this article from the Idaho Statesman on how one neighborhood in the East End fought back against a developer who wanted to change the look of their historic block.  The article references the use of Conservation Districts in other areas of the city, including those around the proposed CVS Pharmacy on State Street.