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Self-Guided Tours

Here you will find a collection of self-guided tours of historical sites and buildings throughout the state. Most are walking tours, but some of them might require the use of a bike or automobile to see all the tour highlights.

All tours are free to download as a PDF file. If you have a tour you would like to share with us, please email us at info@preservationidaho.org. Furthermore, if you have an idea for a tour, please let us know!

A Walk Through Time: Discovering Downtown Nampa (pdf)

A self-guided walking tour

A Walk Through Time: Discovering Downtown Nampa Explore downtown Nampa and learn more about the public and commercial buildings that help tell the story of Nampa’s growth.

This tour will take you through the Nampa Historic District along First Street South between Twelfth and Fourteenth Avenues.

Download Tour (7.73 MB PDF)

Provided by the TAG Historical Research.

New Deal Architecture Tour

Building Boise: A Tour of "New Deal" Architecture in Idaho's Capital City

New Deal Architecture Tour Brochure

In 1932, at the depths of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt pledged himself to “a new deal for the American people.” As President, he introduced multiple new programs and agencies to relieve the unemployed, reform financial institutions, and promote the recovery of the economy. Federal programs including the Public Works Administration (PWA), Works Progress/Projects Administration (WPA), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and later the Federal Works Agency (FWA) put the nation to work building needed infrastructure and improvements. The architectural results of these programs, often overlooked, stand today as a symbol of this amazing chapter in our collective history.

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Historic Barns of Southeastern Idaho (pdf)

A self-guided driving tour

Historic Barns of Southeastern Idaho: A Self-Guided Driving Tour In southeastern Idaho, barns are a mainstay of the landscape. Their stark outlines rise from surrounding fields; even those that are beginning to lean or that have fallen tell of a way of life not very familiar to most Americans today.

Download Tour (pdf)

Provided by the Bear River Heritage Area.