Completed in 1884 to house the government of Alturas County, this Hailey structure is one of the oldest county courthouses in Idaho. This simple brick Italianate structure was originally embellished with fancy cut woodwork, classically-inspired window hoods, and eave returns.

When Alturas County was divided in 1895, this building became the county courthouse of the newly-designated Blaine County. By the mid-1970s when the building was listed in the National Register, many of the original features had been removed or replaced. Over the past four decades, incremental improvements have been made to the structure to return its historic design details. Although previously removed, the window hoods have been replicated.

A project in 2002 repaired and restored the original grand entry stair. In 2014 a 1.6 million dollar project provided seismic upgrades to the tops of the exterior brick walls while restoring historic eave return moldings. Uncompromising commitment to this central Idaho landmark over forty years by past and present elected officials has allowed historic details of this territorial-era building to be recreated. These investments have left a legacy that future generations of Blaine County can build upon. As illustrated by this iconic structure which continues its historic role, the Blaine County Board of Commissioners is a worthy recipient of this Orchid Award for Heritage Stewardship.