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2002 Orchids & Onions


Excellence in Historic Preservation

Awarded to projects that have demonstrated outstanding adherence to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards in preservation, restoration, renovation, or adaptive reuse (residential or commercial).

  • Alexander House - Boise, Idaho
  • Big Falls Inn - Ashton, Idaho
  • Birch Creek Kilns Restoration - Caribou-Targhee National Forest
  • C.B. Fox House, Hailey, Idaho
  • Enders Hotel - Soda Springs, Idaho
  • Warden's Residence, Old Idaho State Penitentiary - Boise, Idaho

Contribution to Historic Preservation

Awarded to projects that have been successful in the tasteful restoration, addition, or remodel of an existing building (residential or commercial).

  • Basque Block Consortium - Boise, Idaho
  • Grove Street Place - Boise, Idaho
  • Jenning's Barn - Boise, Idaho
  • Old Church at 4th & Williams Street - Post Falls, Idaho
  • R.Z. Johnson Block - Boise, Idaho

Friend of Preservation

Awarded to non-professional individuals distinguished for service in historic preservation. This would include, but not be limited to, those who volunteer for preservation organizations, historical societies or museums.

  • Earl Corless - Rupert, Idaho
  • Esther & Don Morrow - Harpster, Idaho
  • Susan Jacklin - Post Falls, Idaho

Cultural Heritage Preservation

Awarded to educational programs and projects that have made a positive impact toward the preservation of cultural heritage and open spaces, as well as the restoration and rehabilitation of historic landmarks and roadside architecture.

  • Archaeology & Preservation Committee - Sandpoint, Idaho
  • Patterns of the Past: Ada County Historic Sites Inventory - Ada County, Idaho
  • Oregon Trail History and Education Center at Three Island Crossing - Glenns Ferry, Idaho


Examples of projects or programs insensitive to historic preservation can be awarded in the following categories: individuals or corporations who demolish historically significant buildings or sites; new construction that is insensitive or ignorant of the neighborhood's history.

  •  Elmore County Planning & Zoning Commission - Atlanta, Idaho