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1997 Orchids & Onions


  • Greystone Manor - Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
  • Union Block - Boise, Idaho
  • Brady Memorial Chapel
  • Beardmore Building - Priest River, Idaho

Friend of Preservation

Awarded to non-professional individuals distinguished for service in historic preservation. This would include, but not be limited to, those who volunteer for preservation organizations, historical societies or museums.

  • Tom Bicak
  • Elaine S. Johnson, Caribou Historical Society - Soda Springs, Idaho
  • Vicki Jones - Pocatello, Idaho

Distinguished Preservationist

Awarded to professionals distinguished for service in historic preservation. Nominees for this award would be those whose job it is to further the cause of historic preservation in Idaho through direct projects or education.

  • Ken Howell - Boise, Idaho
  • Gaetha Pace - Bellevue, Idaho

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Celebration Park - Caldwell, Idaho


Examples of projects or programs insensitive to historic preservation can be awarded in the following categories: individuals or corporations who demolish historically significant buildings or sites; new construction that is insensitive or ignorant of the neighborhood's history.

  • Ram Pub - Boise, Idaho
    For inappropriate "adaptive reuse" of Stonehouse.
  • Dubois Ranger District, Targhee National Forest
    For breach of agreement and mismanagement of federal funds to preserve the Birch Creek Kilns.