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1990 Orchids & Onions


  • The Capitol Boulevard Plan - Boise, Idaho
  • Salmon Walking Tour, Lemhi County Centennial Commission - Boise, Idaho
  • BLM, Boise District - Boise, Idaho
  • I.N.E.E.L., Dr. Reynolds, Department of Energy - Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Cub Tavern
  • Old McFarland Inn - Sandpoint, Idaho

Friend of Preservation

Awarded to non-professional individuals distinguished for service in historic preservation. This would include, but not be limited to, those who volunteer for preservation organizations, historical societies or museums.

  • Barbara Breedlove
  • Joy Meyers
  • Senator Jim McClure


Examples of projects or programs insensitive to historic preservation can be awarded in the following categories: individuals or corporations who demolish historically significant buildings or sites; new construction that is insensitive or ignorant of the neighborhood's history.

  • Ronald & Linda Yanke, City of Boise - Boise, Idaho
    For the destruction of the H.H. Bryant Garage of 1917.
  • Eugenio Bradbury & City of Rathdrum - Rathdrum, Idaho
    For the destruction of the Rathdrum Bank.