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1985 Orchids & Onions


Restoration of Building Based on Original Design

  • Alaska Building - Boise, Idaho

Careful Planning and Rehabilitation of Frank Lloyd Wright Studio

  • Archie Theater Studio - Bliss, Idaho

Extensive Rehabilitation Saving a Long Neglected Historic Structure

  • Eagles Building - Boise, Idaho

Restoration & Rehabilitation Returning Historic Building to an Aesthetic Community Asset

  • Masonic Hall - Boise, Idaho

Thoughtful Historic Preservation

  • Seavers Building - Seattle, Washington

Honorable Mention

  • O. Hughes Brown - Sun Valley, Idaho
    For sensitive rehabilitation and adaptive use.


Examples of projects or programs insensitive to historic preservation can be awarded in the following categories: individuals or corporations who demolish historically significant buildings or sites; new construction that is insensitive or ignorant of the neighborhood's history.

  • Muddled buildings with poor thought to exterior renovation.