Orchid: Contribution to Historic Preservation


Overland/Crescent Brewery 1

With castle-like architectural influences designed in 1907 by the influential Boise architectural firm of Tourtellotte and Hummel, and originally known as the Overland Brewery, this complex was constructed for Jacob Lockman – the adjacent Lockman House was the recipient of an Orchid Award in 2005. After surviving prohibition and nearly five decades of brewing Overland Lager, the plant was closed in 1952. When the Grand Brew Hall was demolished in 1966 for urban renewal, the office and bottling plant were all that were left. In 2007-2008, Triad Distributing had the vision to use this historic building as the cornerstone of its business operations. Their persistence and determination are reason enough for Preservation Idaho to honor this project with an Orchid Award for Contribution to Historic Preservation.

Overland/Crescent Brewery 2

Overland/Crescent Brewery 3