Orchid: Cultural Heritage Preservation

Awarded to Aaron Scheff and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality


Bayhorse Mining District 1

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Brownfield Response Program’s function is to remove environmental barriers to the redevelopment of idled, vacant, and abandoned properties suffering from confirmed environmental contamination. This program is carried out through a complicated system of federal and state funding, private partnerships, grants, and low-interest loans. Fortunately for the state, these projects are often implemented at sites of historic significance around Idaho. Not only do program participants reduce sprawl, relieve transportation pressures, and prevent natural resource degradation but they can also spur the preservation of sites important to Idaho’s history and culture. Examples include the Immanuel Methodist Episcopal Church in Boise’s North End – now being renovated by the Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts (TrICA), the Albion Normal School, the American Linen Building in Boise, the Jackson Street Silos in Moscow, and the Bayhorse Mining District near Challis. Under the leadership of Aaron Scheff, this program will continue to be a powerful force for historic preservation and is worthy of this Orchid award for Cultural Heritage Preservation.

Bayhorse Mining District 1

Albion Normal School

Treasure Valley Institute for Children's Arts 1

Treasure Valley Institute for Children's Arts 2

Linen Building

Jackson Street Silos 1

Jackson Street Silos 2

Jackson Street Silos 3