Orchid: Excellence in Historic Preservation

Awarded to Charlie and Lori Creason

For the restoration of the 1917 Rupert First National Bank (Drift Inn) in Rupert.

This building has been a cornerstone of the Rupert town square for over nine decades. The efforts of the Creasons to restore this building to elegance once again are quickly visible, yet they retained some of the changes which over time had added character to the building’s exterior. I’m speaking in particular of the prominent neon sign on the corner. This attention to detail and respect for the building’s cumulative history is among the many reasons that Preservation Idaho is proud to honor Charlie and Lori for Excellence in Historic Preservation.

For additional information visit www.henrysdriftinn.com.

Drift Inn 1

Drift Inn 2

Drift Inn 3

Drift Inn 5

Drift Inn 6

Drift Inn 6