ArchWalks 2017


Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 12:00pm - Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 12:00pm

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We have a handful of  individual tickets remaining for the Noon (12 PM) Archwalks available in July, August, and September.  See the topics listed below.

NOTE:  The 6:30 PM Archwalks are Sold Out.

Tickets are $12 each for non-members/$10 each for members

If you are interested, please call Tour Coordinator, Megan at 208-353-2011

July 27, 2017: Signs of Historic Boise

Presented by Jamee Fiore, Architectural Historian and Preservation Idaho Board Member

Signs are everywhere. As wayfinding aids, signs play a very active role in our daily lives. Sometimes attached to buildings, other times painted on, and still others they are free-standing. Though only viewed/interacted with for an instant at a time, signs are significant social elements in our lives, communicating to the passerby what the owner intends. Not only do signs display goods and services, but they can help show the unique personality of the respective business or proprietor. Historically, we can look at evolution of signs and call back to the histories of these interesting places. Architectural Historian, Jamee Fiore will lead you around downtown Boise to explore the historic signs, ghost signs, and new versions of historic signs.

August 24, 2017: Boise’s Builders—Jordan-Wilcomb’s Built Environment

Presented by HannaLore Hein, Research Historian, Community Volunteer with The Junior League of Boise, and Aficionado of the American West.  

A building is usually remembered by its architect or famous resident, but the builders deserve some credit too, especially when they have established themselves in a community like the builder Jordan-Wilcomb. Join Historian HannaLore Hein on a walk depicting the building techniques over the century, as well as the histories of the buildings built by Jordan-Wilcomb’s Construction Company, believed to be the oldest operating construction company in Idaho.

September 28, 2017: Boise’s Bench in the Atomic Era

Presented by Stephanie Clarkson, Preservation Idaho Board President-Elect and Idaho Modern Chair

A stroll through Boise's finest mid-century neighborhood developed in the later portion of 1940's. We will start out in Randolph Robertson where we may gaze upon ranchers, minimal traditionals and carports galore. We may even hop over to Hummel Drive to take a peek at some of Boise's first houses built for the Parade of Homes.