Celebrating Idaho's Upcoming Sesquicentennial

To celebrate the upcoming sesquicentennial of the Idaho Territorial period, the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office and Preservation Idaho are working together on an initiative to identify and highlight 150 historic buildings constructed during that era. The final product will be a website page showing the 150 buildings/structures and brief information about each one. This will give our website visitors an opportunity to learn more about Idaho’s history through its built environment.

1884 Georgetown Relief Society Hall, Georgetown, IdahoWe have already identified a number of possibilities, but we would greatly appreciate the benefit of your knowledge of local resources to help us identify others. If you are aware of any existing buildings in your community/county that were constructed prior to 1890, please let us know. We will be trying, as much as possible, to highlight properties that have not been too significantly altered, but would love to hear about any/all that you know of!

Our focus will be on public, or quasi-public buildings (churches, commercial buildings, etc.), as we want to avoid, as much as possible, concerns of private property owners; however, we are interested in all types of properties.  

If you can help with this effort, please email the information to don.watts@ishs.idaho.gov

  • Name of property – historic name and/or common name
  • Location of property – it is VERY important that we know the address of each property as we need to try to get current photos.  Without an address, we cannot find the property and therefore would not be able to include it. 
  • Any background history/information (brief) that you know about the property – especially date of construction.
  • If you have a readily available current photo of the property, that is very helpful too (but not absolutely necessary).

We are making every effort to include wide geographic representation, but the fact of the matter is, some areas will just simply have more than others because they were more settled and populated during the Territorial period.  We have used our collected data at the ISHS to identify many potential properties, but there are definitely certain counties in the state where we have few, if any, and we would especially love to know of any Territorial-period properties in these areas. These are:

Benewah Bonner Boundary Butte
Camas Clark Clearwater Fremont
Gem Gooding Jefferson Lincoln
Minidoka Oneida Payette Power
Twin Falls Valley    

Thank you in advance for your help and we look forward to hearing from you!   

Don Watts, Preservation Planner and Tricia Canaday, National Register Coordinator


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