Successful Cocoa & S'mores Holiday Event at Building 4/Surgeon's Quarters at Ft. Boise/VAMC!

Saturday, December 8th, was a rainy day in Boise but even Mother Nature loves our rehabilitation project at Building 4/Surgeon's Quarters at Fort Boise/VAMC and she couldn't resist drying out the clouds and clearing the skies for us.  As most of you know, Preservation Idaho has had an ambitious project going at Building 4/Surgeon's Quarters for much of 2014 and, with the help of many groups and individuals; we have made amazing progress bringing this 1860's building back to much of its former glory.

To celebrate what has been accomplished, over 100 Idahoans braved the cold to come and tour the building and enjoy cocoa and s'mores, provided by event donors Albertsons, Big City Coffee, Boise Co-op, Fred Meyer, Trader Joe’s, and WinCo, with Preservation Idaho board members and volunteers there to help out. Huge marshmallows and hot chocolate greeted visitors along with a fire (electric) in the original living room fireplace. Charles Gill, who created an original oil painting of Building 4/Surgeon's Quarters, was on hand to talk with visitors and to oversee the official hanging of one of his limited edition engravings of the building that was generously framed and donated by former Building 4 resident Scott Helferty.  Several numbered engravings are still available to anyone donating $250 or more to the Building 4/Surgeon’s Quarters Restoration Fund!

The exterior re-pointing, re-roofing,  porch restoration, interpretive signs and exhibits, and other projects could not have been accomplished without generous donations and grants from Home Depot Foundation, The Idaho Heritage Trust, North End Neighborhood Association, Boise Arts & History Department and many other private citizens and organizations along with labor and supplies provided by our Surgeon’s Quarter’s Restoration Team.  Items from this summer's archaeological dig are still being examined and organized and the interpretive exhibits planned for the living room are being created.  Preservation Idaho will turn the building back over to the VAMC in June 2015.

We still need a historic wallpaper expert.  If anyone has that skill, we could use some advice on appropriate wallpaper for the Fireplace room; perhaps something the military would have used post-Civil War.  We have attached a sample of the wallpaper layers that have been uncovered in the Fireplace/Dining room.

Thanks to everyone's support in helping Preservation Idaho realize the dream of saving and rehabilitating this building.  Thanks also to the Boise VAMC for their partnership and support of our project.  There is still time to come down and see the building!


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