Archaeologists Discover Artifacts from 150 Year-Old Fort Boise Building

Some 30 archeologists from around Idaho participated in a June dig under the front porch of the former Surgeon’s Quarters now known as Building 4 at the Boise VA Medical Center.  The decaying front porch, which will be rebuilt to its original design, gave collaborators Preservation Idaho, the University of Idaho, and the Idaho Archaeological Society an opportunity to explore artifacts related to past inhabitants and identify hidden architectural features.

Hundreds of items were found including square nails, slate, marbles, children’s toys, lamp shade fragments, linoleum, a polo game ticket, coins, a bone crochet needle, bullet casings, animal bones, earlier foundations and many others artifacts.  Visitors and youth got to learn about archeology and engage in screening the soil for potential treasures.

The University of Idaho is now analyzing the finds, which will be curated by the Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS).  A number of the artifacts will be incorporated into interpretive exhibits inside the restored Building 4.

Photo Credit: Michelle Lynch, ISHS


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