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Reuse Buildings. Reuse Energy.

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Historic preservation emphasizes building reuse from a cultural perspective rather than an environmental one. Reusing buildings is natural for sustainable design, but building reuse is rarely emphasized in contemporary green building standards.

Green Preservation

On May 16th, 2008 Mike Jackson, FAIA, spoke to dozens at the Capitol City Christian Church in Boise about the importance of connecting the historic preservation, sustainability, & green building communities. Sponsored by the North End Neighborhood Association of Boise and Preservation Idaho, his fascinating lecture not only emphasized the similarities in these movements but highlighted some of the disparities as well. He spoke about the embodied energy of a building and the waste, not only historical but ecological, that results from demolition. Explore Mr. Jackson's web links listed below and other fascinating sources of information about historic preservation and sustainability.


Mike Jackson, FAIA

Mike Jackson, FAIA, is the Chief Architect of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and a leading voice connecting preservation and sustainable design. His professional experience stems from practice in New Orleans, New York and communities across Illinois which is a leader in the green movement, from the re-emergence of the beloved bungalow to the application of green roof solutions.

On My 16th, 2008, Mike Jackson presented Sustaining Design: Preservation Lessons Forward in Boise, Idaho. He examined green building protocols, historic preservation approaches and linked them to sustainable development. Special emphasis was placed on tools to quantify the embodied energy of historic buildings as a method of determining a property's eco-value. The discussion helped all to develop a more holistic approach to sustainable design, embracing preservation. View his presentation here!

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