Our Mission

The Preservation Idaho Advocacy Committee meets monthly to review threats to Idaho’s historic resources. Unfortunately, the committee often finds out about a potential historic loss at the 11th hour leaving little time to offer alternatives, alert the public, and contact key agencies.

Typically, the committee seeks historic background and photographs of a threatened building and reaches out to the owner(s) and local agencies to seek alternatives. Our role as advocates for preservation encourages us to write letters, speak up at public hearings, and share concerns with the media. With rapid growth in Idaho, Preservation Idaho’s mission of preserving Idaho’s historic places through education, collaboration and advocacy is being tested.

threatened sites

idaho state forester's building / The Cabin

The City of Boise is in the design phase of imagining a new Main Library building. We love the idea of a new library for Boise BUT, cautious preservationists have noticed that the initial proposed site plan does not make accommodations for saving the National Register Listed Historic Idaho State Forester's Building, constructed in 1940. The building is currently home to The Cabin, a non-profit literary arts center leasing the City-owned property adjacent to the Library. Click the boxes below for links to the National Register Listing Form, and our blog for information on how you can help.